LabNotes July 2016

“Living through art is a better way to live – not necessarily making art but being surrounded by it” Ragnar Kjartansson

Here is the second LabNotes, our regular update about the work we are undertaking at Freelands Foundation, things we have been doing and forthcoming events.

Salon – “On Space”

On Thursday 30th June, at The Laboratory of Ideas in Park Street, London, we hosted our second salon event, addressing the question of “Do artists need space?” The evening was fully booked and began with statements in response to the question, from artists Pallas Citroen and Harold Offeh as well as Anna Colin (Co-founder of Open School East) and Graham Ellard (Professor at Central St Martins and co-author of the recent book “Studios for Artists: Concepts and Concrete"). This was followed by a discussion that covered many of the issues and ideas surrounding this idea of space, including what kind of spaces artists might need and why, and whether what is needed are forums where artists can share their practice with one another.