How do we define the 'emerging artists'? 

We understand that the term ‘emerging artists’ can be nebulous and potentially all-encompassing. The participating arts organisations will select the artists for the programme, and while the Foundation itself will not select any individual artists we have defined the following criteria, which organisations must adhere to when selecting the artists for each cohort:

– The artist should be living and working in the UK

– The artist can be of any nationality 

– The artist should have a minimum of three years’ demonstrated practice, at the point of selection for the programme, either since the commencement of their artistic career or since the completion of any formal academic qualifications in the arts

– There is no upper age limit for the artist

How will the programme operate? 
The four participating organisations will develop and curate a series of two-year programmes funded by the Freelands Foundation. A cohort of five artists will be selected by each organisation annually to participate in the two-year programme.

The precise details of each programme will be based on the specific needs of the artists within each organisation’s community. Organisations will also need to consider any further regional challenges or opportunities presented within their broader arts ecosystems in the approach that they take to programming. Applicants will be required to provide details of their proposed approach during the application process.

The Foundation will commit to supporting each participating arts organisation across four cohorts of artists lasting two years each. By the conclusion of the five-year programme therefore, twenty artists in each region will have participated in the programming.

What was the application process? 
Freelands Foundation ran four national competitions and one winner was selected from each of the four nations in the UK. Arts organisations of any size, specialism or location could apply online to participate in the Freelands Artist Programme. Arts organisations based in London were not eligible to apply.

What sort of funding will the programme provide? 
Each organisation will receive an annual programming budget of £25,000, alongside annual grants of £5,000 per artist – a total of £25,000 per cohort per year. In addition, an annual travel budget of up to £10,000 will be provided to each organisation to cover the costs of attending the symposium as well as a London showcase exhibition for their work that will be open to the public.

In total, each organisation will receive a budget in excess of £350,000 over the five-year period, bringing the overall funding provided by the Foundation for the Artist Programme to £1.5 million.

How will success be determined and evaluated? 
The Foundation will maintain close contact with each selected organisation to ensure the smooth and successful roll-out of each programme. We will work with these selected organisations to determine an effective approach to the programming and budgeting, as well as ensuring the optimal deployment of both internal as well as external programme resources.

Success will be measured across a wide range of criteria including feedback from participating artists and their mentors. An overall approach and specific evaluation criteria will be agreed prior to the commencement of the programme.

Further Information 
– The total award value is £1.5 million 
– This will be awarded over a five-year period
– This total value will be shared in equal portions between four arts organisations – one per UK nation
– Each organisation will therefore receive £375,000 over the five-year period
– Each year, for the first four years of the five-year programme, each organisation will select five artists to create a cohort, who will participate in a two-year programme; this means that in Year 1, there will be five artists. In Year 2 there will be ten artists (five artists from the second year of the Year 1 cohort and five artists from the first year of the Year 2 cohort). In Year 3 there will be ten artists (five from Year 2 and five from Year 3). In Year 5 there will only be five artists, who will be the artists in the second year of the Year 4 cohort
– Each organisation will therefore have twenty artists going through the two-year programme over five years, with a total of 80 artists over five years across the four organisations